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Our employee handbook is available. Click here to download.

Work with Professional Radiology Services

The first thing we need from you is a completed application. You can click here to download a copy of the application in Microsoft Word format. We also have an online form which will send your application to us immediately.

Professional Radiology Services is ready to help you make a change that will benefit you. First, our employee's are paid a professional salary and second, we provide a generous benefits package.

Below is a recap of our benefit program:

  • Paid Holidays - 1.5 time if worked and approved by the facility
    New Years Eve (not the day shift, only the evening, and night shifts)
    New Years Day
    Memorial Day
    Independence Day
    Labor Day
    Christmas Eve (not the day shift, only the evening, and night shifts)
    Christmas Day
  • Overtime for anything over 40 hours a week.
  • Referral bonus

Thank you for choosing Professional Radiology Services. We know that selecting a business partner is an important decision and we appreciate the opportunity to work with you.

Call toll free for an interview 763-560-0010 or fax us at 763-560-0060.
Our e-mail address is

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