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Our employee handbook is available. Click here to download.

Company Profile

Professional Radiology Services is a national staffing agency. We are 100% focused on the field of radiology and can provide local and traveling professionals to employers on a contract basis. Our core values include the following.


  • We will act honestly and with integrity at all times
  • We will be forthright and professional in dealing with people
  • We will promote openness of dialogue and communication

Know the Customer

  • We will listen carefully to what customers are saying and why they are saying it
  • We will anticipate customer needs and build partnerships with them
  • We will make it easy for customers to do business with us

Add Value

  • We will contribute to the success of the Company
  • We will be productive with our time and efficient in the use of our resources
  • We will attempt to continually improve our services


  • We will trust and develop people to foster organizational and personal achievement
  • We will encourage diversity, share ideas and reward outstanding behavior
  • We will at all times be open and honest in communications

Ownership and Responsibility

  • We will consistently meet our social obligations
  • We will set challenging goals and accept responsibility for achieving results
  • We will obey the law, make the workplace safe and respect the dignity of our staff

We know that selecting a business partner is an important decision and we appreciate the opportunity to work with you.

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